My beautiful allotment

My beautiful allotment – a few shots of the place I love so much!

Where does the time go?

I set myself a task to write a blog a week and all of a sudden it has gone from April to July in a nano second – 8 weeks have passed and I am no closer to having achieved my goal! I feel that blogging will be one of those things that will just have to happen in crazy clusters when the mood takes me! Not much good for social media nor SEO planning, but at least it happens… I could always use the excuse of it happening ‘organically’… what a wonderful phrase – totally let’s you off the hook!

So- now that I am here – what to write about… Well – since I have been spending an awful lot of time at the allotment, perhaps that should be my subject! In the last 8 weeks I have seen so much growth and so much improvement – and of course I have taken pictures along the whole way… Want to see?

All of my early allotment images were taken on the iPhone. I love iPhone photography. It is so handy, so easy – I always have my phone with me and although I usually have my camera too, it is just so much easier to use my phone. I love using the various filters on my phone too – playing around with them afterwards is just brilliant fun and just lengthens/enhances the creative process. People often seem surprised when I say I love taking photos on my iPhone, as if I should be a Purist – but I don’t see it that way. If you love taking photos, surely it doesn’t matter what format you use at all. Just do what you love!

Saying that, yesterday I did go and take some pics of it in all its glory with my 50mm. I like to use either my 50 or my 90mm macro lens at the allotment, both of which work beautifully when taking photos of flowers and veg. Yesterday I used mainly my 50 and then used an 18-200mm for the wider shots. I am pretty pleased with the results – not necessarily for their technical prowess as actually they are not all perfect – but for their subject matter; my allotment. Something I love very much!

So – here they are… Firstly – this is what the allotment looked like, back in the beginning of April…






Then – late April… new beds were beginning to be built and lastly pavings slabs being laid on a the wettest April day – EVER – we were covered in mud!







Finally – 2 and a bit months later…

Happy days!!

I hope you have something that you love as much as I love my allotment! Enjoy! As I am writing, the rain is starting to come down, and my plants will be so happy!!


Hickory Chickory Dock, the chilli is in the pot…

I love challenging myself and I don’t do it enough. It is a fault. I realise that. It is something I want to work on more as far as my photography is concerned, in both marketing it and in the execution of it.

So, to challenge myself this week – having decided I will do 1 photography challenge a week, I decided to use my very small portable studio for the first time in a year and shoot some fruit (and veg). I popped down to Granny Smiths in Taunton as I was passing, having gone there to pick up pomegranate (of which they had none) and came out with £30 worth of fruit and veg instead… all for the love of photography. As well as the usual fruit and veg I also bought an enormous box of chillies, which I have since managed to split into 5 carrier bags and spread the chilli love far and wide. I will make some chilli jam I think and maybe some pickle, or perhaps some sweet chilli dipping sauce. I will have to do it this weekend though as they won’t last forever and I am not good at doing the whole chilli platting drying thing! I dread to think how the flat will smell and whether we will actually be able to see afterwards, after all the fumes start leaking through the rooms! Sometimes I only have to put a bit of onion on the stove and we are crying our eyes out. I am happy to report though that so far I have managed not to get neither chilli nor lemon juice in my eye whilst shooting yesterday – long may that continue!

Anyway, I digress… once I got home I got my fruit and veg, spread it out on my trunk, my chest of drawers, the bed – anywhere there was room, and started a rather long and deeply fulfilling process of photographing it! The first shots I ever took with my Canon 400 EOS were of allotment goodies; beetroot, cabbages etc and although at the time I thought they were fabulous, I can tell you (3 years later), the journey I have been on these last 3 years has been fast and vast! I learnt such a great deal and my photography has improved 100%. It is incredible to see the difference.

Allotment harvest 2010 first shots with canon 400

Taken September 2010 – Its all a bit of a mess!!

Allotment green tomatoes for green tom mince pie filling

I do love this photo but I don’t like the glare from the flash… why did I even use a flash! ha!

Allotment beet! 2010

I can’t wait to grow more beetroot this year – I am going to grow things I want to take photos of, and of course eat too!

Allotment cabbage

Taking photos of cabbage with on camera flash reminds me of taking photos of people with on camera flash… just don’t do it… its all wrong!

So these were taking in September 2010 upon coming home with an allotment harvest. I remember using the on camera flash (you can see the glare on the cabbage and in the pot of beetroot). I was still shooting in jpeg and I don’t actually think I even post processed these images at all, maybe a little bit in picasa, but I seriously doubt it.

Since then I have learnt so much more about lighting, composition, and more importantly about myself. I love taking photographs, I love food and yet for a while I had forgotten about the latter and had not mixed the two. Doing this photos yesterday has reignited a love of food, a love of fruit and of veg, and I actually am really looking forward to going to the allotment tomorrow to start preparing for the months ahead. I have so much work to do down there, and very little time, but my session yesterday has spurred me on… and here are the results (some… quite a lot!)

So… shall we compare these to the ones I took yesterday? I think you will see an improvement! At least I hope you can!


Here you go – Food Photography Shoot – I love fruit and veg… 2013.

Fruitandveg lores (125 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (15 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (43 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (40 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (38 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (45 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (52 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (64 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (62 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (66 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (78 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (84 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (89 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (95 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (100 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (103 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (106 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (108 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (113 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (116 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (118 of 125) Fruitandveg lores (123 of 125)




Aren’t they fab? So vibrant!!! I love them and just think they make veg look sexy! hhahaha! Love it! And thank goodness I can see an improvement! You know what… I made those! ;o)