Summer News… my recent mail out…

Last time I wrote an email to you all it was freezing cold and the middle of January, I believe. What a wonderful change to be sitting here in short sleeves instead of long gloves, trying to keep my typing fingers warm. Today the west country is bathed in glorious sunshine, once again with a few showers expected later no doubt!

To celebrate the sunshine I thought I would send you all a little update on the kind of things that have been going on for me this first half of the year. My love of photography, including my photographic confidence, is growing all the time. I am gradually honing in on what I love to do most, and although it hasn’t changed a great deal since I began this journey, it has wavered a little in between, but I keep coming back to the same thing and taking photographs of children is most definitely my passion and the time when I am truly in my element – a great place to be.
Fruitandveg lores (64 of 125)One thing that really surprised me this year was how much I love to photograph weddings. I love everything about them, from the engagement shots, to planning the shots for the wedding itself, the cleaning of my lenses in preparation for the big day, the writing of the shot lists, and the excessive planning for all eventualities and weather management! My march wedding was freezing cold, and I have to admit, I did not plan for the cold! Nonetheless, it was a fantastic day, and being on my feet from 8am to 9pm, taking photographs, was the best feeling in the world. What an honour it is too, to be involved in such a special day.

Abby Shoot Portrait BW lores (17 of 48)

I have also experienced 2 firsts this year. A dog shoot – the lovely Reggie – and a horse shoot, the lovely Welly. Both of which were absolutely brilliant, challenging and such remarkably good fun! They say never to work with children or animals… personally I think DO work with them both, and if possible, at the same time!

I have also been doing some fun ‘personal’ shooting including some more street photography, which I love though I do need to take myself off to some busier streets than Taunton! I have started a little street photography project on the English seaside too and one day I might even exhibit it. I have also played around with some food photography, which I find myself a little obsessed with and  I even managed to get Abby (the bride) back in her wedding dress and drove her down to Monmouth Beach in Lyme Regis to take photos of her, purely for fun. I loved it and I hope my images portray that – see link below.

Reggie desaturated lores (24 of 58)On Friday I am doing a 35mm film workshop, as I have started to shoot film too and found some great old cameras to practice with. I am loving the challenge of shooting film on an old Agfa of my great aunt’s, a medium format film kodak, and a Ricoh 500 that lets in too much light (must get that fixed), a zone focus minolta (my favourite) as well as an old Practika SLR which I am just about to get the first film back from. It is such an interesting ride this journey into film, and one I am delighted to be on.

Mr and Mrs N COL hires (452 of 610)So – what will I be concentrating on for the rest of the year and the future? I hope it will be more weddings, christenings (as I really enjoy both) and other family parties, more teen shoots, more family shoots, more portraits (human and animal), and I will hopefully be taking myself into schools and nurseries to do some natural light outdoor play school photographs as well as looking to get in to the studio more. I love being a natural light photographer, but I really want to learn more about studio lighting – my goal for the rest of the year along with doing some more workshops and learning as much as possible. The possibilities are endless, and we have to grab them when we can!

I don’t really like receiving lots of update emails myself, so I don’t tend to send them out very often, (hence the length of this one!) so if you want to keep up with what I am doing then my blog is the best place to do so: It is all about my journey into photography (highs and lows) and I hope you will find it both informative and fun. Come and say hello!

I hope your year is going well and that you are enjoying our little summer – long may it last. Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

PS – if you want to receive emails from me… come make yourself known! I don’t send them out very often – as you can see – about 6 months in between at the last count!  ;o) Many thanks! xx


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