Gorgeous Baby Nya at 17 days old

As I was sat here trying to work out which part of my marketing I should concentrate on next, I just realised that it is in fact Friday! And Friday is my unofficial blog day! Hurray!!! So here I am… wondering what you might like to see or hear about. I doubt very much that you would like to see more snow pictures… I have a few of those, but to be honest they are not as good as I want them to be! However, I might pop a few on in another post, anyway. Rather than snow, I will tell you about Baby Nya. Well – last week I was very fortunate to have been asked to do a newborn baby shoot. Baby Nya was born on New Year’s Eve, so she is a very special baby! She is also incredibly wriggly, and did not fancy lying still one little bit, or going to sleep, or having her photo taking. However, we persevered and did manage to get some lovely shots. She’s a beautiful little thing… I love doing baby shoots because I get to spend some time with the mum, really getting to know her and the baby. The shoots are usually quite long, as we spend an awful lot of time waiting for the baby to feed, to sleep, to wake up, fall back asleep etc etc. There are many shots you can get in between this, especially of mum and baby together, and it is never a hardship. I love spending 3 or 4 hours simply being around and taking shots as they appear in front of me, or drinking tea and eating biscuits hearing about all the horror stories of the births! It is really such a privilege to be allowed into the home of a new born baby and a new mum. It is a bit like a hurricane that comes in and disturbs the peace and quiet for a while. I often have to remind myself of what it was like for me when I was a new mum. I loved having people come round, but I also so loved the time when M and I could sit on the sofa together, on our own, with no one else around, and she could just lie and fall asleep on my chest. I always know when it is time to leave as well, as babies have an amazing knack of telling me when to go… by the 3rd hour they have usually had enough! I Know that some people think that they don’t really need the photos done or want them done or… well, I don’t know, I just know that I took so many photos of M when she was born, but they were all on my phone, and I wish with all my heart that I had known someone who could have come and taken some really special ones of my baby. A friend of mine told me that although she had not been that fussed about having her daughter photographed, when I came and did them and she saw them a little later, she was so pleased! She now thinks that it is almost essential to have them done at the very earliest of stages because they change so quickly from newborn to big baby, but it is not until you have experienced that, and until you can see it in front of your face, that you know it is a good thing to have done. The best ones are usually within 10 days of the baby being born, the earlier the better though – the main reason for this is that they are still pretty malleable and you can usually make them sleep with their legs tucked in or resting their heads on their own hands, for that funny effect! After about 12 days their legs just start to splay about and they are much more aware and awake. So I shall leave you with a few photos of the lovely, awake, smiley and extremely cheeky baby Nya.

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