Baby ‘beautiful eyes’ Ava

As I sit here and eat a sumptuous bowl of spicy lentil soup and warm up for the first time today, I am reminded of all the sumptuous babies that have recently or are just about to come into the world. I have a couple of shoots planned for friends and have recently taken a few updates of growing babies. A friend of mine has a little baby girl who is almost six months old now. She is beautiful, as are all babies, smiley and simply gorgeous. I adore her! I get to see her every week and occasionally I get to photograph her too.

Here she is, the chubby little monkey. I decided to give this photo to her mother, and have got it blown up into poster size… Can’t wait to give it to her.

Baby photography by Christina Dithmar Photography, natural and available light photographer based in Taunton, Somerset

5 month old baby Ava


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