More time needed to blog!

Hi – time is of the essence and I have no time… does that mean there is therefore no essence either? Hrmmm. I don’t have time to blog today, but I want to show off some of the gorgeous photos of the wonderful Maddison and her brother Louis and the lovely mum and dad too! I was a bit worried about the light as it was actually a lot darker than I thought it was, when I was editing them afterwards. But, I love grain… it makes me feel like the photos were actually taken with real film. I love the old look and the photos being ever so slightly pixelated. So, I had no real need to worry! What actually came out was some really special photos of the area in which they live, the road they walk along all the time and their family time together. I was really happy in the end, and best of all, they liked them! I have of course offered to take some more on a more sunny day as well, as I really enjoyed spending time with them and as the baby grows, he will change so quickly. He was a darling little thing and I am sure that Maddie is now my very best friend in the world too. I do love spending time with and taking photos of children. It is such a privilege.

I have chosen the filtered images this time, as I really like how they have come out this time. I use my own presets as well as those of David duChemin, trey Ratcliffe and some others that I have forgotten about. I love buying presets as they are generally pretty inexpensive and very helpful to let you see the various effects that you can actually achieve with a little good will.

Here is a small selection – hope you enjoy them!



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