Because I couldn’t resist…

I remember always being told that I one couldn’t start a sentence with ‘Because’… well, I am here and here it is… I can’t resist posting a few of the photos I took of Maddie’s boys last week. We went to the park and had the best time! They are both beautiful and funny and cute, and were absolutely adorable – (seems I am making rather a lot of grammatical errors here, no comments please)…
I gave them to Maddie in colour, black and white and some using Lightroom filters. I have recently bought some more Adobe Lightroom filters to see what they were like. I actually bought them from David du Chemin and Craft&Vision, and I have to say I have enjoyed looking at them, seeing what they do, but I always feel that I cannot simply use someone else’s without having to change it slightly for my own use. Nonetheless, they are very worthwhile having.

Here are some of the filtered images…

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