For Sketchjay

This is a little post for Dawn Henning, an artist and blogger who creates the most amazing bird art…

I am just back from a weekend in Pembrokeshire… a weekend full of beaches, cliffs and so much different wildlife to take photos of. Along with seeing Dolphins on the shores of Britain for the first time, I was also very fortunate to find this little guy…

We were driving home from the children’s football match in the morning on Saturday, when I noticed a bird of prey on the ground… just sitting there. I asked my friend to quickly turn around and drive into the carpark, I sprang out and there he was, happily munching (what was) a pigeon. I was so amazed, as he didn’t fly away for ages. Luckily I had my camera to hand.

Let me introduce you to a young male Kestrel. I didn’t know he was a Kestrel until I got back and checked the bird book, but was very happy when I did. We have a lot of Buzzards in the west country, but have only ever seen one Kestrel before, and that was very far away as it was hovering   near a cliff. I always feel very blessed to be in the presence of wildlife and this little chap made me feel this even more. 

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After this, we went to Mwnt beach which is where we saw the Dolphins and then, on the way home, on the motorway, we saw a red kite, but I was driving so I couldn’t very well get my camera out. I love Red Kites, they are most definitely my favourites as they are quite simply so graceful and have that beautiful burnt orange colour when the sun shines on them. I also really love Peregrin Falcons, though there aren’t that many of them around where we live – we need some more cliffs and more tall buildings!

Anyway, Sketchjay – enjoy! xx


6 thoughts on “For Sketchjay

  1. If you want to see Red Kites. Get up the M40 between High Wycombe and Oxford Junctions. Loads of them circling overhead. A bit of a drive in the countryside near there and some patience will get you a great shot

  2. Dear Christina,
    I am speechless. Thank you so much for this! Your photograph is truly inspiring! I love kestrals too! Thanks so much. Dawn
    P.S. I rarely paint birds in flight but I may give it a go…

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