Flying with the crowd

Starlings November 2011

A filth of starlings coming home to roost

I am SOOOOO annoyed… I just wrote a lovely post all about me (obviously) and then I hit the wrong button and it completely disappeared, and now I can’t find it…

I wanted to tell you all – even if I have already mentioned it a  few times on Facebook, that it seems that 2 of my photos have published… They are going to be in Exmoor Magazine! I am so chuffed… had this been the original post, you would have hear a much more exuberant and energetic chuffed voice… but since it is this post, and my second so far, suffice it to say that I am incredibly pleased and proud as punch – wanting to tell Everyone my good news. My last post was rather long, so it could be that it is a blessing in disguise that I am not harping on in this one…

What I do want to say though, is that every day I doubt myself and my photography. Every day I feel in some way that I am just playing at it or pretending to be any good at it, and although at the time when I took these photographs I didn’t have much of a clue about what I was doing in terms of my camera or my lens, or my settings or the light or which ISO to use or ANYTHING, I do know, deep down, that I managed (through some luck) to take some beautiful photographs of the starlings. They may not have been perfect, but they were certainly evocative of the evening that we spent watching the murmurations. And that is it… if I can hold that thought close whenever I feel that my images are not good enough (whatever that means or however that manifests itself) then I think I will become more and more confident in my work. And… because of the doubts, the fact that a magazine like Exmoor Mag, with their huge pool of talented and wonderful photographers, actually wanted to use my images, makes me even more proud, even more happy and even more overexcited.

I feel so grateful that, even though it took a long time, I have found something that I love to do, something I can be immensely proud of, and something that not only makes me feel good, but also makes other people feel good. How lucky am I?

And remember… If you can even for just one moment see yourself doing something, being someone, creating something, that you previously never thought possible, then in that moment, you can create your reality… that  is what I did… I dared for a moment to dream that one day I could be a photographer… I have MANY mountains to climb, SO much to learn… but I am on my way…

Don’t forget that you can find me on google+ and see my latest photos which I add regularly… and Facebook of course – and do follow me on twitter too – all links at the VERY bottom of the page!


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