To edit or not to edit photographs – a post about photography in Somerset and the landscape of the lake district

So, we didn’t end up going to the zoo – what a shame as my friend’s daughter was poorly with a high temperature. Instead we stayed in and watched 5 films in one day! My daughter was over-ecstatic – she loves watching films. I am hoping that this will mean she will one day be a film director or something, it has to be good for something! We really enjoyed ourselves and didn’t leave the house at all. It also gave me a really good chance to sit and edit some photos that I had been meaning to do. The next day we all desperately needed to get out and get some fresh air, so we went to the woods to see Louise and later went on to the hills to have a picnic. We are very lucky – we live only twenty minutes from the Quantock Hills – walked by wordswith and lived in/on by Coleridge – I believe, so we are well and truly walking in the footsteps of the greats. It is not quite the lake district, but it is still very beautiful and we can see for miles and miles when we get up to the top.That reminds me of a funny story. last year my daughter and I went to the lake district and of course I took my camera and was snap happy photographer extraordinaire. I kept exclaiming how wonderful it was, the hills, the greenery, the fences, the walls (I know… mad!) and I couldn’t understand why my daughter wasn’t saying anything. When I probed her about it later on she merely answered ‘well, its just like home, isn’t it?’ In my head, London was still my home after all these years in the countryside, and I just kept thinking how lucky we were to be on holiday! Just goes to show how I am really on holiday every day in Somerset. 

I digress. We went to the woods and I took some photos of the girls. I was quite pleased with some of them, but I felt they needed more than I was giving them, so I decided that since they were for no one but myself I would start playing around with them in Photoshop and Lightroom4, to get some of the filters on them and start making my own filter settings. This was a really good idea on my behalf (perhaps not) as it meant that I didn’t get to sleep until about 2 am for the next 2 days. I love editing the photos and even more now that I have the quick and easy Lightroom4, do I love it. I have however always been in two minds about post production and how much is acceptable and how much isn’t. I used to work in reprographics, so I am no stranger to what people do to make photographs look great, but until I started to take the photographs I used to think that it was best to leave them as natural as possible. What I realise now of course, especially as I take RAW photos, is that if you didn’t edit them, if you didn’t increase the contrast or sharpen them, lighten them, add some more colour or take some away, they simply wouldn’t come out looking good at all. This has resulted in me giving myself a Carte Blanche to play around with my photographs as much as I like…and I like it a lot! It would be great to know how a good value, hard working photographer in Somerset, could get some more sleep though. First it was baby lack of sleep, now it is photography. Whatever next! 



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