Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

In honour of us going to Exmoor Zoo today, I thought I would post a photo I took of a very happy tiger at Dartmoor zoo – actually neither of them are really big zoos, they are sort of ‘family’ zoo’s… or I guess you could call the micro zoos… I’m not actually sure if this wonderful toothless tiger was really happy or just having a bit of fresh air, but I was very happy to see him!

I hope you all have a wonderful day – I shall be snapping away at the Puma Kittens if we manage to see them – can’t wait – in fact, you should all check out the special facebook offer from exmoor zoo’s facebook page as they are having a 25% off deal for May – one not to be missed.
Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine, get out into nature and try to leave your computers behind – it’s hard, but sometimes, its got to be done!
You can visit my http://steenie320.smugmug.com/ page for more photos of this tiger, which you can buy as a print or on canvas or teeshirts and mugs – that kind of thing… there are so many things to choose from – smugmug really does quite literally ROCK!



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